It’s Sucks…

Dear God,
It’s not for me, to ask more than this,
Yes, I do.
It’s not for me, to hope more than this,
Yes,I do.
I know who I am..

Every second,
Every minute,
Every hour,
Day by day..turned into months …
and every second is very sucks for me …
I don’t want another …
because I know who I am,

I only beg for a moment from so long I’ve waited for
I just wanted to see his smile…
I just wanted to meet him…
That’s all…

—and I’m waiting…


2 thoughts on “It’s Sucks…

  1. Okit Jr says:

    —akhir akhir ini kau semakin meredup, darl…
    ayo semangat…

    kalo kata mak nike ardila…
    —nyalakan api kehidupaaaannn…. houwoooo….

    • SayPhya says:

      —-huem… iyah nih kang… need shoolders to cry on 😦

      ayok.. menarilah striptis, dan menggunakan beha dari batok kelapa, biar aku bisa tersenyum lagiii… 🙄
      — aku mohonnn iks,,,

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