I think, I Love you…

I refused to believe that it could be so,
There’s no way that I’m in love with you,
I lied to myself that it’s just a petty jealousy,
That I must be feeling lonely, but I cannot hide it anymore.

I think I love you ….
But it must be so, cause I miss you
And you are always on my mind,
So seeing this, it must be, I was unaware,
But now I can see that,
Your presence have delved deeply into my heart..
and this condition is better for us…

*160610  -honesty-


6 thoughts on “I think, I Love you…

  1. swwiiitt…swiitt….

    love is so beautipullll…

  2. quickmimikri says:

    Cintaku tak terbalaskan Nyi… hiks hiks hiks…

    • Sayphya says:

      em.. brati perjuangannya kurang untuk meyakinkan hatinya bro…

      sentuhlah dia tepat dihatinya
      sentuh dengan sepenuh jiwa
      buat hatinya terbang melayang….

      semangad2 bro …insy kalo niatnya baik, insy dimudahkan 😉

  3. perempuan says:

    Iki lagu ne full house iku tah ?

    *hemm… sabar aja jenk

    • Sayphya says:

      iyo… tp wes menggambarkan jeng…
      dan cukup mengungkapkan apa yang ada dalam hati 😥

      -hehehhe, semangad yang enggak pernah pudar 😀

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